Process Of End Of Lease Cleaning

Process Of End Of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning in Kew is an expression which means that it’s the time for leaving the rented property where you have lived and before leaving you have to make clean the whole place from top to end, in simple words overall cleaning of home including each and everything. The phase of leaving the property can said to be the toughest phase like finding of new property, managing transport for shifting each and everything, the most toughest part is packing the whole stuff carefully etc. and getting the property bond cleaned is of course the toughest part, as if you will not do the specific job of bond cleaning before leaving the property you may face problem of getting back your deposit from the landlord. 

The first stage for bond cleaning involves the scrubbing, dusting, and cleaning the entire windows of overall property, overall cleaning of all the walls, cupboards, glasses, picture frames, light holders, switches, ceilings, and overall edges of entire property. If there are carpets in the property, the carpets must be cleaned with suitable detergent including steam cleaning if there are no carpets, the floors shall be properly washed with suitable detergents until it becomes as good as new. The proper cleaning including lawns is also included in bond cleaning if any in the property. The major parts of bond cleaning include the kitchen, and bathrooms of entire property. 

If we talk about the kitchen, cleaning of cooking range, electrical appliances are the major equipment’s to be cleaned. While washing the cooking range, first of all the oil over the surfaces must be removed and cleaned with boiling water and suitable liquid detergents after cleaning the whole cooking range, the wiping of entire cooking range is compulsory for showing that it’s as good as new. Cleaning of all other appliances like refrigerator, deep freezer, microwave, oven are also the major parts, so cleaning of all these appliances from inside and outside and top to bottom with utilizing of suitable liquid cleaner as well as detergents are required for proper cleaning. Other things like walls, slabs, exhaust fan, switches, light frames, floor etc. must also be cleaned properly.  

Talking about the bathroom first of all the cleaning of commodes is an essential part of bathroom which must be cleaned properly with suitable detergents. After that the shower stand, mirrors, soup stands, light frames, switches, etc. must be scrubbed and washed with suitable cleaning products and dusting of walls is compulsory including the edges. After washing the whole washroom, the floor must be cleaned properly.     

There are many companies who are providing with the services of bond cleaning everywhere with specialized staff. Before you book for the end lease cleaning you must get the rates of different companies for hiring of bond cleaning. These companies provide different packages of bond cleaning and prices may vary with the type of cleaning.  End-of-lease-cleaning