Why You Need To Design A Safe Zone For Your Canine Pet?

Why You Need To Design A Safe Zone For Your Canine Pet?

When you suggest a kennel to any dog owner, most of them react negatively assuming it is cruel to lock up man’s best friend inside a cage. They compare it with a prison cell. While all pet experts agree that locking a dog in for days inside a kennel can have adverse effects on its physical and mental health, they also mention that dogs have a natural instinct that makes them seek a secure “den” like spot to relax off. Very similar to how humans view their bedrooms as their personal space, dogs appreciate having their own space and enjoy being left along there to nap or chew on their favorite bone for a while. 

When properly introduced to cargo barriers for dogs, dogs start to view it as their sanctuary; a safe haven away from the general hustles and bustles around the house. But also keep in mind the fact that dogs are extremely social animals and keeping them locked up for too long can have a bad effect on them and could cause them to display aggressive and anti social behavior. They should have regular interaction with people and other pets in the household or neighborhood. They should be let out at regular intervals so that they can have exercise and do their business.

Dog cages come in a large array of sizes and models. Commonly made of plastic, there also models made of metal. To help your pet dog be more comfortable, cover the bottom with a thick blanket so that they can be warm. Some cages come with foam bottoms but dogs being dogs have a tendency to bite and pull out the foam material. For small types of dogs, plastic crates can be used as they are small enough, and hence can be used in your car when you’re traveling anywhere. The chosen cage should be large enough and clean to serve as a bedroom for your dog. A rough estimate of size would be so that your dog could stand in the cage without an issue.

These cages are also extremely helpful in cases where you are not around to supervise your dog. To keep your dog from involving itself in any mischief or getting into any trouble, you can lock it inside for a while. To help your dog pass time, it is recommended that you give him a chew toy; possibly a food filled chew toy, that will encourage it to chew at it for hours. It also has the added benefit of tiring it, and after a while it is sure to hit the sack.