Birthday Surprise Ideas For Those Hitting 21!

Birthday Surprise Ideas For Those Hitting 21!

These are the most occasions where you have to go to the celebration with a gift in your hand. Hopefully, you will be able to figure out the perfect gift.Turning twenty one means that you are about to officially begin your adulthood. That is why the 21st birthday is unique and one of a kind. Making it special for the birthday girl/boy will truly give them the love and affection. Here are some great ways that you can surprise that special 21 year old. oak wine barrels for sale

Group Video

A video containing a group of friends sharing their birthday wishes is something very special. It is a gift that they can keep forever and re-cherish the moment. So, get together with your friends and create a video. You can even add some old throwback photos, a background music. Go creative. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same old usual birthday video. If your friend is in abroad, this might be a wonderful way to make his/her day. Ask his/her friends and family to send short clips of their wishes and messages. Then, tie them up together to create one single video. This won’t cost you a penny and it will definitely put a huge smile up on the birthday girl’s/boy’s face.

Personalized gift

Selecting an item off the rack and presenting it as a gift is a bit boring, isn’t it? Why not make it unique and one of a kind by adding your personal touch. Personalised 21st gifts Australia are definitely one great idea for a gift for a 21 year old. You can select something that he/she just loves, get it personalized by adding a carved message or something similar. That way it will be unique. You can even create a gift like a mug with a photo collage or so. What will make it even more exciting is mailing it. Snail mails are a definite heart warmer. Who doesn’t love a small surprising package on the doorstep or in the mail box?

Hidden notes

Notes have always been a sweet form of affection. Write long or short notes and hide it in different places. You can hide it under his/her pillow, in the closet, inside books he/she often uses and even in the custom birthday gifts you got him/her. He/she will be frequently reminded of how special he/she is and how entering his/her adulthood with such amazing people is even wonderful. See more ideas here