Tips To Improve Security In The Workplace

Tips To Improve Security In The Workplace

The majority of us spend more time at office than at home. I do not know whether to call that lucky or unlucky because, for some people, the work place is much more fun than home. Either way, as we are compelled to spend long hours at the office, the security of the work place is important to everyone alike whether you are the owner or just an employee. Another major reason for wanting improved security at the office is that there are so many valuable things including data and information.

If you are interested in finding out if you are doing everything right when it comes to security and whether or not there are some things that you have overlooked, the following may be useful.

Access control

The basic protection method is access control. Only the people who actually have a reason to be in the office are allowed to access the building. You can keep security personal at the sliding gates Newcastle or install an access control mechanism such as biometric scanning if the facility requires a higher level of protection.

This can also be installed at the entrance to the building and also at every access point so that you know who came in and at what time. The logs may also help to identify the culprit in the event of a security breach.
If an employee is fired for some reason or if someone leaves employment, make sure that person’s access is bared from that moment onwards as disgruntled former employees can cause a lot more harm than you think.
Maintain a visitors’ log so that at any given time, you have accurate information about the outsiders who entered the facility and, if possible, usher them to the relevant person making it impossible for unwanted people to loiter inside the office.

Surveillance and security systems

You can also have central coast alarm systems installed so that a forced entry could be detected without delay and the relevant authorities can be informed. Some systems come with the facility of automatically contacting the appropriate officers so you have nothing to worry about. However, ensure to install one with a backup power plan as intruders are more likely to disrupt the power supply before entry.
CCTV cameras and other surveillance methods will not only help in intrusion detection but will also assist in monitoring the activities of the employees and keeping them in check so that they will not be doing personal things while in the office.

Cyber security

Not only physical security but also cyber security is important for an organization to function properly. You need to have virus and malware guards in place and update them regularly. You may also consider controlling the traffic inflow and outflow, implementing email screening if you are using sensitive data, etc.

In addition to the above using employee screening mechanisms on hiring can also assist in protecting the office assets as the chances of someone who is not fit to work in the establishment getting employment can be minimized.

Covering at least the above aspects of security will ensure the security of the employees and the assets in the work place.